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architectural design process

Architectural Program 

The initial phase in which the client and our team discuss the goals, needs, and function of the project; design expectations and available budget; and pertinent building code and zoning regulations. In this phase, the client is encouraged to have a candid discussion of all the requirements and information from the project, with the better understanding of the project comes to a better design.


Our team will prepare diagrams, drawings, and ideas to finalize the concept plans, showing actual sizes and shapes for rooms. Construction specifications will be conceptualized, listing the primary materials to be used and the general mood of the spaces. When the client approves the concept drawings, our team will work on detailing the information.

Design Development

One of the most critical elements of our services is research and documentation. Our team will develop detailed drawings and material specifications. The contractor will use both to estimate construction costs and to build the project. You have several options when it comes to hiring a contractor. Our team can assist you in selecting contractors by reviewing bids and estimates based on the information provided.

Construction Documents

In this phase, our team observes the pace and quality of construction. As your agent, our team looks out for your interests, keeping you informed of the project's progress and overseeing any changes or problems that may arise. Construction phase services are helpful in keeping your project on track and assuring that the initial concept for the project should be executed accordingly.

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