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Panama City, Florida

Renovation project from a neglected warehouse to warehome.

A conceptual proposal for an urban renewal in downtown Florida. The brief from client: "We recently purchased a 3300sq foot warehouse in downtown Panama City Florida. The warehouse was built in 1940, and for the past 60 years, it's been a family's storage building. The space has full brick walls and 22-foot ceilings at the ridge and 14-foot ceilings at the wall. We need help turning the building into a living space for a family of four."


With a fascinating triangular shape this old building became a family home, we assisted with the conceptual design and design development. We made an initial analysis with the possibilities for the property and obtained -from several design iterations with the client- a successful project taking in considerations all the requirements and the defined specifics of the original property. 


The design and construction process was featured in Lowe's Home Improvement series, see the link below.


All construction photos were provided by property owner.

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